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Saba Industries Group is a privately-held company that operates agricultural commodities, mining, ship breaking and hospitality businesses in South and Southeast Asia, Australia and Africa. We focus on sustainable business practices to create essential products and services enjoyed globally. is the Americas arm (North America, Central America & South America) for Saba Industries Group (SIG).

In 2002, Ms. Saba launched Saba Family Foundations to serve as the umbrella organization for all of her philanthropic works. The foundation’s three areas of focus are healthcareeducation and human rights. The foundation has undertaken numerous projects, including: partnering with Stanford Medical Center to train physicians from developing countries; distributing preventative health information on HIV/AIDS, immunizations, gastric and reproductive health; providing vocational education for women in Togo, West Africa; and supporting human rights issues around the world.

The Saba Charitable Foundation is the United States’ arm of the Saba Family Foundations, created to facilitate the specific guidelines of non-profit organizations in the USA. Our mission, strategies and interests are all aligned.

And those interests are all toward the betterment of human living conditions: such as not being bullied, being fed every day, being treated fairly, having access to an education and economic opportunity, and to healthcare and modern technology. In a world of knowledge and abundance, these are the human rights.

Malini Saba embodies the concept of using business to serve humanity. She is a self-made businesswoman as well as an ardent philanthropist, who helps under-served women and children in South and Southeast Asia, South America, Africa and the United States gain access to life-saving medical and educational services and achieve economic stability.